Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Most of our time in Mombasa was spent sleeping and studying and sleeping. We did various things throughout the week aside from Swahili lessons. We were introduced to our host families and host organizations, did a scavenger hunt, listened to some speakers. We explored the city a little, but essentially were occupied all the time.

The last night at the hotel we ended up going out. MAN, what an experience. The club we went to, Casablanca, we had been told, is the prostitute central of Mombasa. It's where all the sailors go while in port. Right after I walked in, as I walked up the stairs to find our friends who were already there, the prostitutes began hounding me. One who coming down the stairwell put her arms across either wall and would NOT let me pass! I tried but she more or less accosted me. It took Kira and Michelle (another FSD intern) pulling on me to get the woman to relent. That led to a night of being stroked and cooed as I walkedaround the club. I was told about 10 times by a woman who was with her boyfriend that she "really liked me." It was a little scary, a teensy bit flattering, and overall ridiculous. In the end, once I had escaped the hungry hookers, had some Tusker in me, and did some dancing, it was a good night.

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